Whether it was luck or intent when choosing our residence, there is no doubt that our students attend one of the best schools in the county...and in the entire state of Georgia.  Big Creek Elementary was just named the number one public elementary school in the whole state by Niche.  That is a huge honor!



One thing that helps us be such a fantastic school is parent support.  With the funds that you contribute to PTO we are able to help the school with big purchases that aren't in the budget.  In the past we have purchased science equipment, iPads, Chromebooks, tables, chairs, and so much more.



Our goal is to raise $30,000.  Can you help us?





Our goal in renovating the library is to create a 21st century media center that nurtures collaboration and hands on  learning.  In today’s learning environment students need to be able to:

  • Collaborate on group work
  • Receive support for BYOT from an instructional specialist
  • Have access to a flexible environment

The components of this new type of 21st Century Media Center include:

  • New bookcases to integrate with the new seating
  • Seating which may be reconfigured easily for a variety of functions
  • Collaboration space which supports both BYOT and school owned Chromebook, ensuring that everyone is successful in this environment
  • Defined “rooms” within the space allowing for multiple activities to take place


Below are examples of the types of furniture we hope to fund through our Read-A-Thon fundraiser.


Please contribute online to our Read-A-Thon fundraiser that runs from February 5th through February 23rd.


With your help we will be able to reach our $30,000 goal.  If every student raised $50.00 or more we would reach our goal. Students who raise $50.00 will receive Kona Ice one day at recess!


Read-A-Thon Prizes for Students

Small Prize: Every child who creates a page will receive a free prize like a pencil or yoyo (they will choose the prize when they create their page)

Kona Ice: Each child who has at least $50 in donations will receive Kona Ice one day at recess (to be scheduled for March 2018)

Top Class Per Grade: Extra Recess 

Top Earner Per Class Per Grade: Gets to play Egg Roulette with Mrs. Webb (Sharon ES did this in the fall - you can see how excited the kids are in this video they posted)

Random Egg Roulette Players: One student from each grade level who has *any* amount of donation (online or turned in via cash/check) will be chosen to also play Egg Roulette with Mrs. Webb.

Top Earner for the School: Principal for the Day

4 student raffle days.  One Feb 6, 8, 12, 14 we will raffle off one ice cream ticket per grade level for ANY student who has a donation of any amount.  


Can you help spread the word to family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and text?  All donations are tax-deductible.  Our children, teachers and staff are thankful for your continued support.


Send *any* questions you have to Fundraiser@BigCreekESPTO.com


See the status of our fundraiser by clicking here.  (You need your child's unique code to create your child's account.  These papers should come home on Friday February 2nd.  If you need help, be sure to email us).


To view the first flyer that was sent home about this fundraiser click here.




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