Whether it was luck or intent when choosing our residence, there is no doubt that our students attend one of the best schools in the county...and in the entire state of Georgia.  Big Creek Elementary was just named the number one public elementary school in the whole state by Niche.  That is a huge honor!



One thing that helps us be such a fantastic school is parent support.  With the funds that you contribute to PTO we are able to help the school with big purchases that aren't in the budget.  In the past we have purchased science equipment, iPads, Chromebooks, tables, chairs, and so much more.



Our goal is to raise $30,000.  Can you help us?





STEM is a new, fun way for kids to experience project-based learning. Project-based learning provides an opportunity for real world connections to be made and contexts explored within the four disciplines of STEM.


The components of the new WonderLab will include:

  • Problem Solving: STEM problems require you to quickly work to make sense of problems as they are presented, and work productively to propose real and appropriate solutions.

  • Creativity: STEM requires the ability to look at and propose solutions to a problem through multiple approaches, including ones that are highly creative or “out-of-the-box.” In STEM, mistakes and failed attempts are positive experiences, offering opportunities for deeper learning.

  • Critical Thinking: Effective STEM learning requires you to analyze information, evaluate designs, reflect on your thinking, synthesize new ideas, and propose creative solutions. All of these skills are vital to becoming an independent, critical thinker.

  • Engineering-Design Thinking: In solving STEM problems, the use of engineering-design thinking is vital. In this kind of thinking, you must identify the problem at hand, research potential solutions, build prototypes, test, redesign, test again, and iterate further as needed. Each step in the process moves you closer to creating a functional solution.

  • Inquiry Skills: STEM requires hands-on, active participation to effectively solve problems. Our students are the drivers of solutions and should be asking the questions, proposing the ideas, generating and testing solutions, and making decisions based on data to understand how to refine ideas further.

Below are some examples of what we will be able to purchase with the funds raised during the Read-A-Thon


Please contribute online to our Read-A-Thon fundraiser that runs from February 4th through February 22nd.


With your help we will be able to reach our $30,000 goal.  If every student raised $50.00 or more we would reach our goal. Students who raise $50.00 will receive Kona Ice one day at recess!




Can you help spread the word to family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and text?  All donations are tax-deductible.  Our children, teachers and staff are thankful for your continued support.


Send *any* questions you have to Fundraiser@BigCreekESPTO.com