A Big shout to all the talented Wild Cats!!! Here are our County Level Impressions 2019-2020 Winners!


Visual Arts:

K - Kshipra Andal Maringanti – First


K - Anviti Sharma - Second

1st Grade – Krish Mudhulur – First; Adhya Ranjan – Second

3rd Grade – Riya Nambiar – Second; Misha Patel – Third

5th Grade - Manasvi Srinivasan – Third


K – Tyler Barnaby – First

3rd Grade – Misha Patel – Second


K – Ananya Vemireddy – First

2nd Grade – Anoushka Nair - Second

3rd Grade – Abhay Ranjan – Third

5th Grade – Tanav Pullabhotla – Second


K - Aditi Pandiri - First


1st Grade – Avyukt Ramakrishnan – First

3rd Grade – Adhya Karthik – Second



Congratulations to all our amazing BIG Creek School 2019 Impressions Winners!!!


Student Name Grade Category Place
Anviti Sharma K Literature First
Kshipra Andal Maringanti K Literature Second
Adhya Ranjan 1 Literature First
Krish Mudhulur 1 Literature Second
Sharanya Tagadur 1 Literature Third
Abhay Ranjan 3 Literature First
Riya Nambiar 3 Literature Second
Misha Patel 3 Literature Third
Reema Bhome 4 Literature First
Aidan Ingram 4 Literature Second
Varsha Ramakrishnan 4 Literature Third
Trijal Tagadur 5 Literature First
Manasvi Srinivasan 5 Literature Second
Ishika Saha 5 Literature Third
Ananya Vemireddy K Music Second
Adhya Ranjan 1 Music Second
Sylvester Edem Dorcoo 2 Music First
Mayukha Koosu 2 Music Second
Anoushka Nair 2 Music Third
Diedra Dorcoo 3 Music First
Isha V Inampudi 3 Music Second
Abhay Ranjan 3 Music Third
Viana Roudbarian 4 Music Second
Tanav Pullabhotla 5 Music First
Trijal Tagadur 5 Music Second
Srihan Seemakuty 5 Music Third
Aditi Pandiri K Dance Second
Varsha RamaKrishna 4 Dance First 
Alankrita Chatterjee 4 Dance Second
Avyukt Ramakrishnan 1 Film Second
Adhya Karthik  3 Film Second
Tyler Barnaby K Photography Second
Reya Porumalla 1 Photography First
Adhya Ranjan 1 Photography Second
Avyukt Ramakrishnan 1 Photography Third
Misha Patel 3 Photography First
Anay Rajankar 3 Photography Second
Adhya Karthik  3 Photography Third
Neev Porumalla 4 Photography First
Varsha Ramakrishnan 4 Photography Second
Kushal Maringanti 5 Photography Second
Kshipra Andal Maringanti K Visual Arts First
Aria Patel K Visual Arts Second
Tanush Kannan K Visual Arts Third
Kirtana Prashanth 1 Visual Arts First
David Ko 1 Visual Arts Second
Adhya Ranjan 1 Visual Arts Third
Mrinal Panda 2 Visual Arts First
Aadhya Balan 2 Visual Arts Second
Ansley Ingram 2 Visual Arts Third
Diya Sanjay 3 Visual Arts First
Anay Rajankar 3 Visual Arts Second
Charan Teja Balla 3 Visual Arts Third
Gloria Liu 4 Visual Arts First
Janhita Munugala 4 Visual Arts Second
Neev Porumalla 4 Visual Arts Third
Chinmay Prashanth 5 Visual Arts First
Kanushi Mudhulur 5 Visual Arts Second
Asmitha Atimuthathilingam 5 Visual Arts Third


Does your child enjoy….

  • Drawing,Painting, Writing Stories, Taking Photos, Making Short Films, Creating Dance Routines and Composing Music. If the answer is YES to any of the above, please have them enter the Big Creek PTO Impressions Contest!

This Year’s Theme: “Best Day Ever”

 Click here for the printable entry form and official rules: Impressions Entry Form If you are unable to print from home, stop by the front office for entry forms. If you would prefer to fill it out online, please click here. You will still need a printed version to turn in. All Forms will be judged first at the School Wide Level. Winners at the school wide level will move on to the County Level. **No winners this year at the State and the National level


Entry Collection:

      • Place entries in the bin near the office from October 7 to October 16, 2019
      • Thursday October 17, 2019 from 7:10 am to 7:40 am deliver in person in the front office hallway
      • Friday October 18, 2019 from 7:10 am to 7:40 am deliver in person in the front office hallway 

 Late entries will not be accepted.


Visual Art & Photography entries absolutely need to be wrapped with clear plastic to preserve the integrity of the work
If you have any further questions, please email Impressions@BigCreekESPTO.com or Vydehi Alagharu at vp3@BigCreekESPTO.com


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